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If you’ve ever scrambled out the door together with your phone’s battery within the red, you recognize that power is precious, and therefore the faster you’ll catch on , the higher . Anker’s PowerPort III Nano (20W) and Aukey’s Omnia Mini 20W USB-C Charger (PA-B1) are the simplest options for charging any phone fast: They’re tiny and cheap , and they’ll get a totally drained phone battery up to about 50% full in half an hour.

As of November 2020, all iPhones accompany the USB-C–to–Lightning cable necessary to require advantage of the faster charging the USB-C port offers. (If you bought your iPhone before that, you’ll need to get one separately.) If you’ve got an Android phone and a USB-C cable already, you don’t got to buy anything extra to fast-charge with our USB-C picks.

If you would like the littlest power brick available that’ll charge your phone at the fastest speeds, we recommend the single-port Anker PowerPort III Nano (20W) or Aukey Omnia Mini 20W USB-C Charger (PA-B1). Both are an equivalent size as Apple’s ubiquitous 5-watt charger (the one that Apple wont to include in iPhone boxes). Both models are nearly identical in size and shape, and provide up to twenty watts over USB-C. Whether you’ve got an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy model, a Google Pixel handset, or another Android phone with fast charging, that’s enough power to charge most phones about halfway in only half-hour . they’re going to also power Apple’s MagSafe wireless charging system at its maximum 15 watts. These chargers are precisely the same size and performed identically in our tests, so you ought to get whichever is cheaper when you’re able to buy.

RAVPower’s 30W Dual Port Compact PD Charger (RP-PC132) is more powerful than the smaller Anker PowerPort III Nano and Aukey PA-Y18. Its USB-C port can charge at up to 18 watts, and it’s a second port—in the shape of the classic USB-A—that allows you to charge a second device at an equivalent time at up to 12 watts.

The Aukey Focus Duo 36W Dual-Port PD Charger (PA-D2) is what you ought to get if you would like to require advantage of fast USB-C with multiple devices. When one port is in use, it charges at up to 30 watts. Both of its USB-C ports support full 18-watt charging once you use them at an equivalent time, meaning you’ll charge two phones at top speed—an iPhone’s battery will go from 0 to around 50% charged during a half hour, whereas within the same amount of your time on the charger it comes with, it might be at but 20%. This dual–USB-C setup remains pretty rare, and therefore the PA-D2 offers the simplest execution of it.

The Anker PowerPort 4 is that the model to settle on if you carry tons of gear—say, a phone, a smartwatch, an influence bank, and Bluetooth headphones—or if you’re traveling with companions. Each of its four ports supports 12-watt power draw, as fast a charge as you’ll get from standard USB-A. No other reliable four-port charger packs that sort of power into such a diminutive size and at such a coffee price.

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If your phone’s or tablet’s original USB charger is broken or lost, you’re obviously in need of a replacement charger. But albeit you continue to have the first chargers for all of your devices, you would possibly want to think about something which will charge your devices from a wall outlet more quickly or charge multiple devices at an equivalent time.

Most people have quite one device that charges via USB: tablets, smartphones, external battery packs, e-readers, portable speakers, Bluetooth headphones and headsets, fitness trackers—the list goes on. likelihood is that good that you’ll regularly got to charge two (or more) of these devices at an equivalent time. Good multiport chargers don’t cost much more—or sometimes any more—than single-port chargers, so we expect it is sensible to urge a model with a minimum of two ports when you’re buying a replacement charger.

Multiport chargers also are great for travel. rather than having to pack a gaggle of chargers for the family—or when you’re traveling alone, for your phone, tablet, headset, and Bluetooth speaker—you can bring one charger that handles everything.